Wall Docket found in KV 43 (Tuthmosis IV)

Photo from The Valley of the Kings, by John Romer (New York, 1984), 191.

Translation: "Yr 8 3 3ht 1 (of Horemheb) under the person of the dual king Djeserkheprure-Setepenre, son of Re-Haremheb-merenamun. His person l.p.h. commanded that the fan bearer on the king's right hand, the royal scribe, overseer of the treasury, overseer of works in the place of eternity and leader of the festival of Amun in Karnak, Maya, son of the noble Iawy, born of the lady of the house Weret, be charged to renew the burial of King Menkheperure, true of voice, in the noble mansion upon the west of Thebes."
"His assistant, the steward of the southern city, Djehutymose, whose mother is Iniuhe of the city."
(Sources: DRN, 233, #1; TTIV,  xxxii f. (photo); RNT, 249.)